Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas

Work is finished (until Monday!) so I wanted to wish everyone a very happy Christmas, hope you all have a great time.

I've been inspired by Rose Welty to look at some goals for 2009 and to reflect a little on what has occured this year. I only started this blog in July of this year so it has lasted 6 months, which is hopefully a sign I can keep it going for a bit longer at least. Incidentally it was only in the same July that I started to draw again, after a very long break, probably 15 years plus. I've no idea what prompted me back to art but I'm glad I made it eventually, and I've been constantly impressed, inspired and motivated by what I've seen over the internet, in art blogs and personal websites. But there is obviously a way to go, hence the goals for the coming year...

Art Goals For 2009

  • Submit a piece to the local art gallery Open Exhibition, if not by Summer then definitely by Winter.
  • Use computer time better - browse less!
  • Use sketchbooks more.
  • Draw and paint outside.
  • Try using oils on canvas.
  • Draw people, animals, landscapes - get out of the comfort zone.
  • Choose a series or theme, experiment with different mediums - might help get through the idea blocks!
  • Draw a self portrait.
  • Blog - post more often, update profile - get seen by more people!
  • Practice coloured pencil technique.
  • Get some MOO prints done - give them out...
  • Research favourite artists/illustrators and art movements - learn something.

That seems plenty to be going on with, nothing too drastic and all pretty achievable I think. As 2008 draws to a close I'm feeling pretty positive and motivated to continue, I even think I've made some progress in the short six months I've been back, I'm even feeling quite good about watercolours which I certainly wasn't when this all started.

So once again, happy Christmas, thanks to those who make comments, all are very much appreciated. I'm off for a whiskey now...

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Mystery Plug

'Mystery Plug'
Graphite Pencil on Paper
18cm x 12cm

I found this plug the other day in a drawer, no idea what it's for or when I got it. It probably arrived in a box with a phone or a camera, but I quite liked the look of it so did this little drawing. Drawn with a clutch pencil, using stumps to blend, on a very smooth Bristol paper.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Virtual Sketch Date - December

30cm x 14cm

It's that time again. I always look forward to the Virtual Sketch Date, and this month was no exception. When I saw the reference picture I was a bit clueless, I thought "What am I going to do with this?" and really had no ideas. I started to play with various crops and started to enjoy it, and ended up doing two versions again. I think some (all) of my perspective on the buildings is a bit off but I've tried to disguise it! The really good thing about these monthly VSDs is they can move you out of your comfort zone, and I was well out of it on this one but ended up enjoying it. Thanks to all at Virtual Sketch Date, for posting the reference and doing the 'admin' stuff...

watercolour and pen & ink

27cm x 11.5 cm