Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas

Work is finished (until Monday!) so I wanted to wish everyone a very happy Christmas, hope you all have a great time.

I've been inspired by Rose Welty to look at some goals for 2009 and to reflect a little on what has occured this year. I only started this blog in July of this year so it has lasted 6 months, which is hopefully a sign I can keep it going for a bit longer at least. Incidentally it was only in the same July that I started to draw again, after a very long break, probably 15 years plus. I've no idea what prompted me back to art but I'm glad I made it eventually, and I've been constantly impressed, inspired and motivated by what I've seen over the internet, in art blogs and personal websites. But there is obviously a way to go, hence the goals for the coming year...

Art Goals For 2009

  • Submit a piece to the local art gallery Open Exhibition, if not by Summer then definitely by Winter.
  • Use computer time better - browse less!
  • Use sketchbooks more.
  • Draw and paint outside.
  • Try using oils on canvas.
  • Draw people, animals, landscapes - get out of the comfort zone.
  • Choose a series or theme, experiment with different mediums - might help get through the idea blocks!
  • Draw a self portrait.
  • Blog - post more often, update profile - get seen by more people!
  • Practice coloured pencil technique.
  • Get some MOO prints done - give them out...
  • Research favourite artists/illustrators and art movements - learn something.

That seems plenty to be going on with, nothing too drastic and all pretty achievable I think. As 2008 draws to a close I'm feeling pretty positive and motivated to continue, I even think I've made some progress in the short six months I've been back, I'm even feeling quite good about watercolours which I certainly wasn't when this all started.

So once again, happy Christmas, thanks to those who make comments, all are very much appreciated. I'm off for a whiskey now...

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