Tuesday, 5 August 2008


18cm x 25cm
Coloured pencil on Paper
This is another piece just completed. Well, I say completed but now I look at the scan I see how crude the drawing really is, it doesn't come across that way in real life - or maybe it does and I can't see it.
I'm finding at the moment my drawings are "almost there", I think the basic drawing is okay but the execution is letting them down. But then I suppose that comes with practice. I learn a bit more with each drawing which I know is a good thing. In this one I like that there is more colour, particularly with a background colour and I need to develop that a lot more. The background is really rough and I now wish I'd taken more time over it.
It's definitely a steep learning curve, which is something this blog is (and will be) good for. I hope in months (years?) to be able to look back and see that I've progressed...

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