Friday, 1 August 2008

Blue Glass

I started a coloured pencil drawing last night, two small blue glass bottles. After a bit more than an hour into it I started to have doubts - it's not working. For a couple of minutes I was very close to abandoning it, but then I didn't. Not sure why. Maybe I'll still be able to salvage it, I think there are parts that could work well...but will I still focus on the bit I'm not really happy with?

I've also been thinking about the subjects we choose to draw or paint. I've looked at many, many artists websites (probably too many, when I should have been drawing), and there are some fantastic people working out there - clever, talented, inspirational artists. There seem to be a recurring number of "must do" subjects - like coloured peppers, marbles, glass bottles (!) to name but a few. I'm finding myself drawn (sorry) to still life subjects/objects so there probably wont be any surprise when a red, green or yellow pepper pops up here.

Back to the glass bottles then...

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